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Consultants Errors and Omissions from Insurance Management Associates, Inc.

As a consultant you know protecting your business and reputation is everything —and oftentimes a typical business insurance policy just isn’t enough. Because consulting services can vary from technical to marketing, and the nature of their business leaves them very vulnerable to mistakes, they need a custom Errors and Omissions or Professionally Liability insurance plan.

Errors and omissions or professional liability insurance for consultants is designed to cover you against client claims for consulting services that did not meet a client’s expectations, financial loss, breach of consultant duties, conflicts of interest, and so on.

Professional liability insurance for consultants typically offers coverage for judgments, settlements and defense costs. Even if the allegations against you are found to be unjustified, thousands of dollars may be needed in order for you to defend the lawsuit. Unwarranted lawsuits can bankrupt a small Consulting Firm or individual and have been known to have a lasting effect on an agency’s bottom line.

You’ve worked hard and dedicated yourself to the success of your business, so why allow it all to be at risk?

Protect your consulting business with custom plan of professional liability insurance for consultants. Contact us today.